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Special Session: Integrative Spatial Modelling of Urban Energy and Service Systems

The transition of the energy system towards more sustainability is one of the major challenges in the near and mid-term future. Urban and industrial areas with in general high spatial demand densities are crucial in this context since for these areas a bunch of different supply systems are competing. A GIS based, integrative system modelling and simulation approach may help to disclose new opportunities for industrial and urban symbiosis that is for optimizing and cascading energy and resource (e.g. water, waste) use through an optimized design of conversion and distribution infrastructure.

The session focuses on modelling approaches, which address the outline of an optimal energy and utilities system setup for urban and industrial areas, while considering all relevant supply options, and paying attention to the spatial impact triggered by individual demand profiles of individual geolocated objects (buildings).

Therefore, the session presents contributions, which address one or more aspects alongside the chain from outlining geolocated demand profiles and densities for urban and industrial areas to an integrative system analysis of the energy and utility services on a municipal scale.


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