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Special Session:
GI-Curriculum Design 2.0

This paper session invites contributions on trends in and strategies, tools and contents for the design of “modern” GI curricula including conceptual work as well as best practice examples in the implementation of GI-related training and education programs.

Special Focus: GIS Minors

This year a special focus is on Minor programs in GIScience & Technology (GIS&T) /Spatial Sciences. GIS Minors are offered worldwide as secondary subjects complementing Major programs at BSc and MSc level. Comparing GIS Minors is challenging due to the diversity of academic environments, as seen most clearly in the different weights (expressed e.g. in credit points) and learning outcomes. Unlike the BSc/MSc programs, GIS Minors lack a framework for comparison or standardized core content reflected in learning outcomes. Car & Strobl (2016) offer a framework for such a comparison. This framework is also a starting point, and a call, for a debate among GIS&T educators, researchers and practitioners not only to help formulate core competencies acquired through a GIS-Minor and identify the “core” topics in which any GIS Minor student needs to demonstrate some level of mastery, but also further discuss differences with regard to GI core competences appropriate for different fields.

The idea for this special session draws upon and complements the recent activities of UCGIS to redesign the main reference document for curriculum design, GIS&T Body of Knowledge BoK2, as well as the European initiative GI-N2K, and thus follows-up on the GI-Curriculum Design 2.0 workshop and special session held at the GI_Forum 2016.


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Call for Papers closed since February 1!

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